About Us

Supporting Literacy and Math (SLAM) is an innovative after school intervention program designed for at-risk early learners (Kindergarten – Second Grade) to help close academic gaps and get them back on track with their peers. We recognize that all students have unique learning styles and provide foundational skill support in research-based reading and math programs.

SLAM engages students by offering a curriculum that celebrates active learning. Students learn skills using multi-sensory approaches that incorporate movement and drama. Parents play a critical role in supporting skills and we encourage parents to interact with their children by sending home a monthly math game and a book to be added to the family library.

A unique aspect of SLAM is that it is designed for small group instruction providing opportunities for students to practice critical soft skills such as turn taking, following class rules, and listening to and following directions. We love the group format as it enables students to learn from each other and not solely from the teachers.